Boaz Buas Saat Opposition Persija

Boaz Buas Saat Opposition Persija

Persipura Jayapura will host Persija Jakarta in a League 1 match at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, Wednesday (18/10/2017) at 13:30 pm.

Persipura chance to win because the team nicknamed Black Pearl has a predator if against Persija. The predator is Boaz Solossa.

Players who are familiar in sapa Bochi is not a goal machine this season Persipura. The predicate belongs to Addison Alves.

Currently, Boaz more role as a goal creator.

The proof is a six-point record that compares with 12 assists.

However, Boaz has a predicate as the striker when the most fertile Persipura Persija.

The captain of the Indonesian national team has scored 10 goals against Persija since Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2008-2009.

Of the 10 goals created in six games, six goals of which were created by Boaz when Persipura entertain Persija.

One of the unforgettable matches for Boaz is when scoring three goals so Persipura won 6-0 on October 9, 2008.

Dissolved more deeply, Boaz is deadly in the quarter-hour early round. His total goal in this period was six goals.

Moreover, Boaz almost always scores in the period every 15 minutes, except in the 30-45 minutes.

Boaz can also be said to be a talisman victory Persipura. Every Bochi scored, Persipura often win.

Of 10 goals created by Boaz, Persipura successfully won five wins. Only once, Persipura failed to win when Boaz scored.

Goal is happening when Persipura draw with Persija 1-1 on 10 September 2016.

Can Boaz add to the coffers of his goals in the game later?

Milky Way Reveals Cambodian Reason to Be the Trial Opponent

Milky Way Reveals Cambodian Reason to Be the Trial Opponent

Indonesia national team will face the Cambodian national team in a friendly match held in Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (4/10/2017). Assistant national team coach, Milky Way, open the vote about the reasons for choosing Cambodia as an opponent.

Selection of Cambodia as opposed to many public criticized for considered unequal to improve the quality of Stefano Lilipaly and friends. The Milky Way insists that it should be grateful to get a match opponent on FIFA Matchday schedule.

“The reason for choosing Cambodia because I think we need a test, Cambodia so the opponent again, I think we remain grateful to be able to opponent although I hope to get another opponent,” said the former Indonesian national team midfielder.

Bima, whose career as a professional player has defended Persema Malang and PSPS Pekan Baru, added that his team must respect Cambodia as an opponent.

“Cambodia I think a good team, Luis Milla said they have a good playing organization,” he said.

“Then we will play the built-up and some tactics to anticipate how the strength of Cambodia,” said Bima after the first day of practice, Monday (2/10/2017).

He only hopes that the new players feel called up to immediately understand the wishes of coach Luis Milla.

“We are exercising more ball posession, maybe just a little tactic and a bit of introducing Luis Milla style,” he said.

“That’s so the players will understand more, because some of the new players join like Taufiq, Ilham Udin Armaiyn, Fadil Sausu, they should be able to adapt well.”

Duel Bintang National Team Myanmar U-19 Vs U-19 National Team Indonesia

Duel Bintang National Team Myanmar U-19 Vs U-19 National Team Indonesia

Indonesia U-19 national team will soon undergo the opening match AFF Cup U-18 2017 against Myanmar. Obviously, there will be a star duel that occurred in a match that was held at Thuwuna Stadium, Yangoj, Tuesday (05/09/2017).

Myanmar is not a foreign opponent for the U-19 national team Indonesia. They have four times Indonesia berusa in various arena.

In fact, the record of the meeting, they successfully won two games in between, while Indonesia is only once. It is clear the game will be presented interesting.

Indonesia U-19 national team will rely on Egy Maulana Vikri. Egy had time to steal the attention of senior national team coach Luis Milla although eventually crossed out.

While Myanmar has a name that is not less terrible, namely Win Naing Tun. He is the backbone of his country since the AFF Cup U-16 last.

Wing Naing Tun Vs Egy Maulana Vikri

Egy name became a byword since strengthening the U-19 national team in Toulon Turnament. Although not scoring goals, he was assessed impresif and give a big influence for Garuda Nusantara.

In fact, his appearance to the extent to make him able to award the Ouer Revelation Trophee Toulon Turnamen 2017. He followed in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane who ever won the award.

In addition, Egy also became a star when the Indonesian national team U-19 face Espanyol B. He mencteak two goals despite the end of Garuda Nusantara 2-4 defeat.

One of Egy’s two goals was born of a captivating individual action. He performed a solo run from the middle of the field past several Espanyol B players before finally releasing a beautiful kick into the visitors’ goal.

Wing Naing Tun Vs Egy Maulana Vikri

While in the stronghold of Myanmar, there is a name Win Naing Tun brilliant since AFF Cup U-16 2015 ago. Naing Tun at that time became an important figure behind the success of Myanmar finished runner-up in the tournament.

Naing Tun also became one of the figure who seized the attention in 2017 with the Myanmar national team U-19. He became a star in a 2-0 win over China Taipei by becoming man of the match in the game through his one goal.

If Egy impresses against Espanyol, Win Naing Tun is no less brilliant. He mencteak two goals as Myanmar U-19 trials opponent Inter MIlan U-18 in the game that ended 2-2.

So, who will be the star in the game later?

Five Reasons Right Steps Defend Luis Milla as Indonesian National Team Coach

Five Reasons Right Steps Defend Luis Milla as Indonesian National Team Coach

Officially PSSI defend Luis Milla as Indonesia national team coach. Through Vice Chairman Joko Driyono, PSSI ensure Milla will still refine Garuda Skuat despite failing to meet the 2017 SEA Games gold medal target and failed to qualify for the U-23 Asian Cup.

According to Joko the coach adapted quickly with Indonesian football where it is seen in the event Sea Games 2017 Evan Dimas et al appear to stand out from several aspects.

Although only able to achieve a bronze medal, Luis Milla’s coaching style is worth keeping. Moreover, next year Indonesia U-22 national team will follow the 2018 Asian Games event which took place in Jakarta and Palembang. Obviously if there is a change in the practical coaching of Indonesia will start from scratch again. It is considered a negative point for Indonesia if the coach changes. team try to analyze whether PSSI decision to maintain Luis Milla as a step right or not. And the following five reasons PSSI move to defend Luis Milla as Indonesia national team coach is appropriate.

1. Milla Influence Game Changes Indonesia

The ancient Indonesian game by relying on physical as well as long passes is now rarely seen. This is thanks to the Spanish tiki-taka philosophy, Milla who eventually changed the style.

Now the game Indonesia more neatly from foot to foot where Garuda skuat bait more accurate. This is evident from Labbola’s statistics where they recorded a minimum of 76 percent accurate feed in the SEA Games 2017, even their Thai opponents to create an accurate bait 80 percent. Only opponents of Vietnam alone they only accurate only 70 percent considering they only play 10 people.

Not only that the former coach of Spain U-21 is also successfully transmit formation 4-3-3 to Indonesia is more eloquent with one or two strikers. Especially from this formation gave birth to talented talents, such as Saddil Ramdani, Marinus Wanewar, Febri Haryadi, Osvaldo Haay and the most brilliant, Septian David Maulana.

2. Indonesia Game Graph Increases

Since losing 0-3 to Malaysia in the Asian Cup Group H qualifying match, the game of Indonesia experienced the game graph getting better. Nine games that they live after the defeat marked Garuda Young with the results of 5 wins, 3 series and 1 defeat.

Where foster children Luis Milla scored 16 goals and only conceded 3 goals. Obviously this is a good statistical record. In the game even Milla concoction is increasingly visible and fused. Stay repaired, especially about finishing and ensuring punggawa Merah Putih able to control the emotions in each game.

3. Indonesia’s Rear Line Is Hard to Penetrate

One of Indonesia’s advantages in the event Sea Games 2017 Indonesia has a solid back line. They conceded only three goals from 7 games that they live.

Not only that aja appearance two goalkeeper Indonesia is also worthy of appreciation. Coach goalkeeper Eduardo Perez successfully provide knowledge to the third goalkeeper at this time even from two goalkeepers who have gone down both appear satisfactory with several times to give action ciamik under the rule.

In addition, the total successful takle made the back line of Indonesia is very high. On average, Garuda Young do 19.5 tekel during the SEA Games 2017. Most do tackle, when Indonesia makes Vietnam frustrated, which reached 27 times. Tekel lowest when Indonesia won 2-0 over Cambodia in the final match Grub B, which is 15 times. And even then Cambodia played last throughout the game.

4. Milla’s Very Fast Adaptation in Indonesia

When traced Indonesia’s journey from Sea Games before Milla finally appointed as coach Indonesia total time 7 months. Seven months is certainly a fairly fast time for the coach to make the game Indonesia changed drastically as some of the facts we mentioned earlier.

Of course, Milla’s performance in adapting to Indonesian football is quite fast. Given it is not easy course for coaches directly polish with different individual qualities when compared with their home country.

Moreover, football Indonesia and Spain must be much different. But Milla quickly adapted very well with Indonesian soccer culture. A true bronze medal is not too bad for a new coach who knows football with a different culture from his home country.

5. Milla Need Process

Jose Mourinho caliber top coach takes a season or 10 months to bring MU Europa League champions. It reminds us there is no instant step to bring achievement.

Luis Milla also did not succeed instantly when mensani young Spanish team. He was appointed first appointed RFEF (PSSI of Spain) to coach Spain U-19. At the debut of the official U-19 European Cup tournament in Ukraine in 2009, Milla failed to get his team out of the group phase.

Their performances improved the following year at the U-19 European Cup which took place in France, armed with the only stars Thiago Alcantara and Sergio Canales, Milla brought the U-19 Matador through to the final before being subdued from the French home.

Finally, the success of the top peak in the Spanish team U-21 in 2011. Milla’s squad become champions Piaa Europe U-21 after conquering Switzerland 2-0. Not only that Milla orbit some players like Juan Mata, David De Gea, and Thiago Alcantara.

PSSI also realized finally to succeed need process. It also underlies the PSSI still maintain Milla even though he failed to bring Indonesia won the gold medal.

Derbi Andalas’s Record of Record Has Not Broken, Sriwijaya FC Hopes Better Again

Derbi Andalas’s Record of Record Has Not Broken, Sriwijaya FC Hopes Better Again

Sriwijaya FC have not been lucky in derby Andalas on Friday (11/08/2017) night. Club nicknamed Laskar Wong Kito was held to a 0-0 draw Semen Padang at Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium Jakabaring.

Whereas Sriwijaya FC potentially achieve victory if the goal in the 55th minute not disallowed the referee. Nevertheless, coach Hartono Ruslan still praised the court’s leadership.

“The referee is good, but yes, that’s football,” Hartono said after the 19th week of League 1 this.

He said that not many changes made Sriwijaya FC. Even so, Sriwijaya FC has not been able to break the record against Semen Padang.

“In the future it could be better,” he said.

Meanwhile, the coach of Semen Padang, Nilmaizal, said he was satisfied with the draw. According to him, steal points at home Sriwijaya FC is on target.

“This is our target, but we have to be better when the opponent of Bali United,” he said.

He added that the players got longer rest periods before the duel. According to the plan, Semen Padang will fight Bali United on 24 August.

“The schedule is still long, maybe we break first,” he said.

With the draw, Sriwijaya FC collected a total of 25 poi and ranks 11th standings. They are one point behind Semen Padang in 10th place.