Milky Way Reveals Cambodian Reason to Be the Trial Opponent

Milky Way Reveals Cambodian Reason to Be the Trial Opponent

Indonesia national team will face the Cambodian national team in a friendly match held in Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (4/10/2017). Assistant national team coach, Milky Way, open the vote about the reasons for choosing Cambodia as an opponent.

Selection of Cambodia as opposed to many public criticized for considered unequal to improve the quality of Stefano Lilipaly and friends. The Milky Way insists that it should be grateful to get a match opponent on FIFA Matchday schedule.

“The reason for choosing Cambodia because I think we need a test, Cambodia so the opponent again, I think we remain grateful to be able to opponent although I hope to get another opponent,” said the former Indonesian national team midfielder.

Bima, whose career as a professional player has defended Persema Malang and PSPS Pekan Baru, added that his team must respect Cambodia as an opponent.

“Cambodia I think a good team, Luis Milla said they have a good playing organization,” he said.

“Then we will play the built-up and some tactics to anticipate how the strength of Cambodia,” said Bima after the first day of practice, Monday (2/10/2017).

He only hopes that the new players feel called up to immediately understand the wishes of coach Luis Milla.

“We are exercising more ball posession, maybe just a little tactic and a bit of introducing Luis Milla style,” he said.

“That’s so the players will understand more, because some of the new players join like Taufiq, Ilham Udin Armaiyn, Fadil Sausu, they should be able to adapt well.”

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