Real Madrid midfielder slams FIFA policy

Real Madrid midfielder slams FIFA policy

Croatia midfielder Luka Modric furious at FIFA. Modric feels FIFA does not care about the players’ fate Agen Judi Online.

Modric’s frustration at FIFA began when Croatia’s Vs Kosovo on Saturday (2/9/2017) was postponed due to heavy rain. Because there is no match, the Croatian national team players have longer rest time.

But suddenly, FIFA decided that the match was held, one day after. In fact, Croatia must play again against Turkey on Tuesday (05/09/2017).

“Saturday night we were told we would not play so we slept longer than usual This morning we had to get up like we were in an army barracks because we had to play today,” said Modric, as reported by Football Espana.

Croatia joined in Group I in Euro zone World Cup Qualification. Modric and his friends lead the standings with 16 points. Meanwhile, Kosovo is in a distended position with one point.

The match against Kosovo and Turkey is important for Croatia. If you win in that match, one Croatian foot is already in the 2018 World Cup finals.

For this reason, Modric is really furious with FIFA. “Two days of preparation for such an important match is not enough, FIFA is again ignoring the players unless the match is played,” Modric said.

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